Themed Bonus Slots

There are a lot of ideas that inspire bonus slots creators. Holydays and history, different countries and cultures, comics and movies - you can find almost any theme on the spinning reels.

There are more than 800 online slots, we'll try to group some of them to help you to find those you'll like.

Christmas, winter and Slots

It's really a popular theme for slot games! We'll group slots with Christmas, winter and New Year Eve together.

Love Themed Slots for Sweethearts

Once a year the Valentine's Day comes. This day is filled with colors, chocolate, jewelry and valentines for those whom we love. And there are many symbols that represent an intimate love between pairs sweethearts. You choose the symbol of love that best reflects your situation. In our situation we have chosen for you love themed slots which you can play at the online casinos on February 14 and during year too.

More about themed slots

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